Sales Policy

    Please Keep in mind that we run a CLOSED Rabbitry for many reasons. Meaning NO visits are allowed into the rabbitry. Our personal safety and the safety of our animals is very important to us. We want to protect our rabbits from outside diseases. We don't know where a buyer has come from and what animals they have been in contact with. We WILL NOT risk the health of our rabbits! We are not a public pet store or Petting Zoo. 


Contacting us:
    My phone number is on the contact us page of this website, If I do not answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.
    If you E-mail me please fill in the subject line – do not leave it blank. Explain what you are looking for, if it's for show, breeding or pet, if there is a color preference or if you'd like a male or female. If you found something on my website that you are interested in please put the rabbit's full name in subject line. Please include your location (or area) in your email too, it may be possible that we know someone closer to you if we determine we are too far apart.
   I will respond to all genuine phone calls or emails, but things do get busy at times so feel free to try again if you do not hear back from me after about 24 hours, but very seldom does it take that long for me to respond. If I do respond and there is no further response from you I will assume you are no longer interested and the rabbit will be available to the first person that comes up.

Pricing of our rabbits:

   I price my rabbits according to what I like; this is my opinion from my experience and my opinion only. The higher the price does not mean it's a grand champion rabbit, this only means that I would not mind keeping it for my breeding program or to put on the show table.  

 Waiting list:

Everything I have for sale is on a first come first serve basis.  I do keep a waiting list and will attempt to contact you when something comes available. If you do not respond then it goes up for whoever comes first unless a deposit has been made.
    The easiest way to find out what I have for sale is to check back periodically on my for sale page and email/call me. I keep a album of rabbits that are for sale on the Photo Gallery Page.

Bonsai Bunnies Identification:
    All of my rabbits sold with a pedigree are to keep the ear number assigned. If the rabbit does not have a name after “Bonsai's” on the pedigree you are free to name it what you want as long as it is still named “Bonsai's ….....”. If you name the rabbit and let me know I will add it to my records. The ear number should never be changed, if rabbit is not tattooed when it leaves and you tattoo later it should be tattooed with ear number on pedigree. When you add the rabbit to your program please keep “Bonsai's”  in name if it has it on the pedigree.

Holding Terms:

    I will hold rabbits if a non-refundable deposit is put down. A non-refundable deposit of  at least half (½) the asking price is required to hold a rabbit. I accept Pay-Pal, Cash, Money Orders and Checks. A 5% fee is added to any Pay-Pal payment. Prior arrangements must be made for checks.
Checks must clear before the rabbit leaves the premises. The only way a deposit will be refunded is if I terminate sale, rabbit dies, or is injured while still in my care.
    I will hold a rabbit until a show I plan to attend, if it is a rabbit that several are interested in, first one to put up a deposit is the one the rabbit is held for. At the show the rabbit will be held until 10 am, at that time if buyer has not shown up rabbit will go back up for sale and deposit forfeited.  

Young rabbits:
    Everyone wants a tiny cute little baby; very seldom will I sell rabbit under about 10-14 weeks old. It is very hard to tell how they will develop, and I like them to be stable when they leave, reducing the chance of illness due to stress. I like to hold on to them until I can try to determine if they will be show, breeding or pet quality. There is no guarantee how one will develop.

Pet Quality:

    Pet quality is a rabbit I do not feel is show worthy. Occasionally some do have some good breeding qualities but I would not show it and do not want it shown by others. Pet quality rabbits will not be sold with a pedigree unless otherwise stated.


    There are many way to get a rabbit transported, even including cross country. I will help make any arrangements if needed but buyer is responsible for any additional cost of transportation and payment to us must be completed before I release any rabbit to a transporter (if a 3rd party is involved). I will not make transporter handle money. If i am meeting on the way to my destination, or meeting at a show I plan to attend there is no additional charge.

Our Promise:

    I will do my best to match up the best rabbit for your needs, whether it's for a pet, breeding or show. When we determine what you are looking for I will go over rabbit with you and tell you, in my opinion, what the good and bad points are, AGAIN that will be my opinion from my experience.
    All sales are final, I promise to make sure the rabbit is healthy when it leaves my care. I am not responsible for any rabbit after it leaves my care, but if something does happen I would like to know and each case will be handled on an individual basis. As with any animal things can happen, we will do our best to make it right.

Health Guarantee:
      Once a rabbit leaves my property it is no longer my responsibility. I will guarantee that the rabbit will be healthy when it leaves. If something does happen within 1 week of you buying the rabbit please contact me. We will discuss what happened and I will decide what the best thing to do is. I do not offer refunds, ever, but I will replace a rabbit when I have another one of the same sex and quality available, if I decide that is what I want to do. 

 Show Rabbits:
      Show rabbits will be free of disqualifications at the time of the sale. I cannot promise how the rabbit will do at shows, rabbits chance as they mature. Meaning a baby that looks great may not look as nice as it ages.      

Feel free to contact with any questions you may have. Even if you are looking for a breed that I do not raise I will try to help you locate what you are looking from reputable breeder.