This is Pistachio, he is the one that started my love for English Lops! He was a amazingly sweet rabbit and a big goof ball!!! I got him in June of 2012 when he was a little 7 week old baby and at that time I didn't realize how much one little rabbit would change my life. I'm sure I sound crazy, but he was the best friend I have ever had. Yeah he was the biggest pain in the butt, but I loved him anyways. There was never a dull moment with this boy. If he wasn't chasing the dogs around the yard he was climbing on top of my cages terrorizing the rabbits around him. Sadly on November 16, 2013 my baby boy passed away. He wasn't quite 2 yet and I believe he was poisoned some how. He is the best rabbit I have ever owned and the short 17 months I had him were the best 17 months. He was my best friend and I will never forget him. 


Furry Frenzy's Pistachio - Cream - DOB: April 28, 2012