There are apparently two (2) Bonsai Bunnies Rabbitry's. Mine is in Grand Prairie, TX. The other one is somewhere in Colorado



ARBA Registered Rabbitry # D1655

Proud member of the HLRSC, THLRSC, TRBA and ARBA
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UPDATED - 7/28/15


My name is Kacie and I have a small rabbitry with about 40 rabbits. I have been raising rabbits for about six years now and I couldn't imagine not having my bunnies around. I have had many different breeds including Lionheads, Mini Rex, French Lops, but none of those breeds were really what I was looking for in a rabbit.

I got my first Holland Lop in January of 2011 and I have had them ever since, they are like puppies, super friendly and hilarious. They are always looking for attention and rarely do you find one that is mean. The Holland Lop is the smallest breed of lop, generally getting no bigger than about 4 pounds. They look like little bulldogs and are one of the most wonderful breeds of rabbits around!

I may not always have a rabbits available, but I am sure I will either have one coming soon, or know someone who has what you are looking for.


I am located in Grand Prairie TX, just south of Irving and north of Burleson.

If for any reason, you buy one of my rabbits, and cannot take care of it, or decide you do not want it anymore, I would like to have first options to getting him/her back.



Please inquire if you are looking for a rabbit that is pet/brood or show quality and I will try to help as much as I can.